Eisenhüttenstadt’s Chronicle: News from the Deportation Factory

By kandolo

published in the newspaper “The VOICE of Refugees and Migrants” issue 7, March 2014

Eisenhüttenstadt’s Chronicle: News from the Deportation Factory
A chronicle of illegal deportations from Eisenhüttenstadt

Deutsch: Chronik aus Eisenhüttenstadt:
Neuigkeiten aus der Abschiebefabrik
Eine Chronik illegaler Abschiebungen aus Eisenhüttenstadt

more info about the struggle of refugees in Eisenhüttenstadt on:

I am a Refugee. I spent two and a half months in the open Lager of Eisenhüttenstadt. Now I am part of a solidarity group against this Lager.

I want to share with you my point of view on and experience of Refugees’ situation in Berlin and Brandenburg. How one day I felt that my freedom was over: I was in the German asylum system. End of freedom means that you can’t choose the city where you want to live. The first step in the asylum system is to apply for asylum in the city where your friends live, but they separate you from them and put you wherever they want.
It was the same with me. I was in Eisenhüttenstadt. First I wanted to make clear that this is one of the worst Lager in the world. Inside the Lager there is the Bundesamt, a police station, the Ausländerbehörde, a …read more

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