Call for public court observation – Say no to criminalization of solidarity with “Lampedusa in Hamburg”

By kandolo

call for public court observation

monday April 7 at 1 pm, local court Hamburg, Sievekingplatz 3, room 184

Deutsch: Aufruf zur Prozessbeobachtung
Verhindert die Kriminalisierung der Solidarität mit “Lampedusa in Hamburg”

The activist of the” caravan for the rights of regugees and migrants” and supporter of “Lampedusa in Hamburg“, Ralf Lourenco, is accused of trespassing and violating the sanctity of the townhall on July 18 last year. In that time some supporters visited the townhall to rise awareness about the precarious situation of “Lampedusa in Hamburg“, to talk to the persons responsible and to deliver a letter.

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From: Karawan