“Lampedusa in Hamburg” racial profiling in St.Pauli and upcoming protest on wednesday at the town hall

By kandolo

Attention! Racist police checks in St. Pauli yesterday evening, Thursday, April the 3rd, three different checks by uniformed and civilian police officers were reported to us. The people were arrested. So far we have no news about the fact that they were released yet. Already on Wednesday, two members of the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg” had been checked and arrested. A registration requirement was made with the immigration authorities. After a few hours they were released.

The selforganized joint winter emergency program “Winternotprogramm” of Hamburg residential projects, residential and housing communities for “Lampedusa in Hamburg” runs until the end of April, then everyone is back on the streets. This increases the pressure on individual members of the group. Three years after the NATO war HYPERLINK “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lchbsDiDgEw” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lchbsDiDgEw – the second year on after living on the streets, leaving families continuously without support. The Senate for the interior is aware of this and chooses this very moment to start again with the racist control of persons and to hunt members of “Lampedusa in Hamburg” and others by the Dublin system criminalizing them. The slogan “refugees welcome” is mocked by the Hamburg Senate.

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From: Karawan