Pressemitteilung zur Demonstration “Wir fordern unsere Arbeitserlaubnis!” – 31.05.2014

By Lampedusa How long? Not long! Stop killing us. We are not here to die, we demand our rights now.

comprar Seroquel generico Hamburg, 30.05.2014. The group Lampedusa in Hamburg, Nato war victims and evidence of the war, has been on the street in Hamburg for over one year, without any concrete solution. During this political struggle we lost two group members: Samuel Mensah and Francis Kwame. They lost their life while fighting for their rights.

“A right delayed is a right denied.” Hamburgs authorites betrayed our fundamental human rights and dignity. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

The regime in Libya was changed because of political and economical interests that brought chaos and a failed state. The German authorities must follow other european states by recognizing us as the unprecedented victims of war from Libya.

Today Lampedusa in Hamburg, which consists of more than 300 members, is once again on the street as a result of neglectance and ignorance by the senate of Hamburg. Our future is at stake, our psychological and traumatic stress is increased every day. But already more than 170 institutions, political groups and networks and a big solidarity supporting group proved to the world: …read more

From: Hamburg