Amigdaleza: “When the Great Wolves eat the Light”

By momo

by Vasiliki Katrivanou, Parliamentarian of Syriza

“Are you kidding?” I ask the director of the detention centre Amigdaleza with a feeling of indignation and despair when he describes us how normal the centre is functioning despite “individual” problems.

How ‘individual’ are the problems? Hearing for example that you will be held there over 18 months, for “indefinite” periods (following the opinion of the Legal Council of State, which was issued upon request of Mr. Dendias). Young people, who have nothing to do all day, who are detained just because they have no papers, indefinite detainees. And they get crazy! So when there are riots, hunger strikes, suicide attempts, let us not wonder why, let’s not be surprised. The causes, if we want to close our eyes, we know already.

The National Health Operations Centre (ΕΚΕΠΥ) has taken responsibility of the health care inside Amigdaleza four months ago. In the one small clinic, which works for about 1,400 people, we talked with two doctors – a surgeon and a gynecologist – admittedly sophisticated specialties, especially the second, in a detention center for men only. The supply of drugs is extremely problematic, and thus ‘Depon’ (Greek Paracetamol drug) is the king of drugs for all …read more

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