Call for Demonstration: Recognition of the group ‚Lampedusa in Hamburg’ – now!

By Lampedusa

More than 1 year of fighting is enough – we want ‚Lampedusa in Hamburg’ as friends, colleagues, fellow students, neighbours!!

Demonstration 5 July 2014 – 12.00 – Hachmannplatz, Hamburg-main station

Recognition of the group ‚Lampedusa in Hamburg’ – now! Immediate work permission – right to stay e.g. via § 23

For these demands the group ‚Lampedusa in Hamburg’ fights for more than 1 year with uncounted public meetings, visits of schools, universities, neighbourhood-assemblies, churches, with demonstrations and other actions, recently with the Sit in on the place before the townhall, where 5 people were injured by brutal police-attacks and 7 people arrested. For these demands we demonstrated together in the 1 May-demonstration of DGB (council of the unions) and afterwards with a parade. Later that day, a former school-building in Laeszstraße was entered and declared to become refugee welcome centre, the Lampedusa in Hamburg-house.

Declaration of the group Lampedusa in Hamburg, June 2014:


> We want to use the house as a historical place of Lampedusa in Hamburg.

> We want to use the house as a symbol of Nato-War-Refugees.

> We want to use the house to show our professional and creative skills.

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From: Hamburg