Paying for German Residenzflicht means legitimation of Apartheid rule

By kandolo

As Refugee Activists from Schwabisch Gmünd, we stand to ignore any law that disrespect our bona-fide rights and demand the full abolition of the Apartheid Residenzflicht Law in Germany.

Paying a dime for our right to freedom of movement means complementing and legitimating of racial discrimination and colonial injustice.

We the refugees from Schwabisch Gmund were racially profiled by the Police in thüringen as we travelled to participate in a conference organised by the VOICE Refugee Forum in Jena on 17th April 2014.

On this Thursday evening as we were sitting on a train that left Nurnberg for Jena, two coloured clothed men approached us as Police Officers and demanded that we present our identity documents for control.

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From: Karawan