Secret police scandal: Bus-Verkehr Berlin KG refuses to transport civil rights activists after “friendly” call by German criminal police

By clandestina

Berlin/Brussels, 27 June 2014.

After a “warning” from the federal criminal police (Bundeskriminalamt), the bus charter company BVB canceled a contract of approx. EUR 6000 for coach buses for the “March for Freedom” from Brussels to Berlin. The buses had been paid in full on 6 June and were supposed to shuttle several hundred activists back to Berlin on Saturday, 28 June. Now the activists are stuck in Brussels.

It is likely that the German police wants to prevent the Brussels activists from joining the protesters at the occupied school in Berlin, who are resisting an ongoing eviction by police armed with machine guns.

It seems that the police claimed the march group would attempt to smuggle “illegal aliens” into Germany. However, our civil rights campaign already publicly crossed the German border three times and we traveled through Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Italy. None of these governments collapsed. We suspect the criminal charge is fabricated to send non-collaborating refugees into Belgian exile and pacify the German capital.
This public-private pact between a German business and state forces reminds us of GeStaPo tactics. While we are still not clear if business works for the government or government works for business, they stand as a national …read more

From: Clandestine