Non-Citizen occupied Berlin TV-Tower

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Press release of occupy Berliner tower.

40 N-C from Bavaria occupy the Berlin tower today 3-O,clock.

Solidarity call out

We the refugees from different cities of germany are here in tv tower in berlin. We are more then 40 refugees including womens. Be was also in Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge in Nürnberg last week. We are in the streets from more then one year. We were involved in alot of political activities but until now from everywhere we are refused. From everywhere is the same reply nobody want to tell who is responsible for refugees inhuman laws and situations like lagerpflicht residenzpflich no work permission no right for normal education even to lern german language we were in in Nürnberg to tell tell them the situations of refugees lives and they deny directly to listen our problems and reply us to ask to politicians of parliament they make these laws and we have to knock the door of parliament we are here very peaceful just want to meet the responsible people to lisent our problems to listen our basic needs for a normal life with freedom were like.

We see everyday refugees are committing suicide we dont want to become crazy in …read more

From: Berlin