15th – 17th of August: open weekend for discussion in order to develop strategies and perspectives (Berlin/Mehringhof)

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Come toegether – right now! My right is your right – Refugees welcome!

The protest against the racist migration and asylum system in Germany and Europe is getting stronger and more visible every day. The selforganized protest of non-citizens, refugees and migrants of the last two years can no longer be ignored.

As a reaction to the events of the last weeks, many people have started to organize and express solidarity, so right now a lot of people are fighting. They are fighting in different struggles and with different strategies. This has a lot of potential, but sometimes this can also lead to conflicts.

As we are all fighting against existing conditions we want to fight this fight together!
We have a big common aim: The same rights for everybody!
This is why we are inviting you to our weekend in order to develop strategies and perspectives, to connect existing struggles and to make them stronger!

15th – 17th of August
friday 6pm: Introduction and presentation of the already struggeling groups in Berlin
saturday: Develope common strategies to fight toegether in differnet struggles for one solution for all.
sunday: Put it into practice!

The exacter schedule will be published August 9th under: http://www.myrightisyourright.wordpress.com
Gneisenaustraße 2a
(U-Bahnhof Mehringdamm U6)
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From: Berlin