Some statements from our friend in deportation prison

By home

Our friend an comrade Badra Ali Diarra who is in deportation prison, although he was part of the O-platz agreement with the senat, send us this statements:

“What happened is that i went to my lagger in Magdeburg, and some
policemen jumped on me with handcuffs. I resisted, i refused to cooperate
before they tell me why, for what reason, what crime i was being arrested.
Noone answered me. The chief of the Social office in Mgdbg had even told
me “you came to Germany to go to the night club every night? Well, go back
to where you come from.””

“DONT BE AFRAID, if we are afraid we will never get freedom.”

“This agreement is a fake promise, a joke : everybody knows well that
people who are on the list didn’t get anything. Some asylum seekers were
granted a 3 months Duldung, but others got a letter asking them to leave
Germany into one week time. I know other refugees that even got a 500
euros fine. Actually, it is always like this, i don’t believe the Senate
anymore, they actually want us dead, they make this agreement and actually
put us at risks. The truth is that they want to clean up Berlin from the
refugees, …read more

From: Berlin