BADRA IS FREE! By home On Wednesday, 13 August 2014, the Landgericht of Sachsen-Anhalt ruled that the detention of Oranienplatz activist Badra Ali Diarra in deportation jail was illegal.

After a two-hour court hearing, the Landgericht of Sachsen-Anhalt in Magdeburg decided that the detention of Badra Ali Diarra was illegal. He had been detained in the deportation jail of Berlin-Köpenick for two weeks. After the court hearing, he was immediately free.

The court probably decided in his favour because of the agreement between Oranienplatz and the Berlin Senate. Badra Ali Diarra, who applied for asylum in Sachsen-Anhalt, is part of the Oranienplatz-Senate-agreement in Berlin. In this respect, he had an appointment with the immigration office (Ausländerbehörde) of Berlin end of August. All this proved that there is no high risk of flight (Fluchtgefahr) and, thus, no need to detain Badra while awaiting his deportation. His lawyer will find out the exact reasoning of the court tomorrow!



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From: Berlin