Preparation meeting for demo “United Neighbours” 5.9. 7:30 pm

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Demo “United Neighbours” // 27.9 // 15 Uhr // Spreewaldplatz

preparation meeting: this Friday 5.9. // 19:30 // Oranienplatz

The protests at Oranienplatz, at the occupied school in Ohlauer Straße and now at Gürtelstraße have taken the struggle against racism and capitalism in the city to a new level. We, refugees and urban activists, fight together against conditions in which our need for housing, freedom of movement, solidarity, and a self-determined life are suppressed by the government and the police.

There is an obvious intention to crush the resistance against the segregating Lager and asylum system: In the case of Gürtelstraße, politicians and police have gone to the extreme and deprived the refugees of their right to be recognised as human beings.

In other urban struggles such as the one against rising rents, gentrification and forced evictions, we also witness constant attempts to intimidate people and to criminalise the protests – so that the neoliberal restructuring of the city can continue without resistance.

We won’t let our struggles be crushed, split and divided.

We want a life without fear of evictions, without Lager, deportations and displacements.

We fight – because it pays off, as the prevented eviction of the school and prevented forced evictions …read more

From: Berlin