Cuvrybrache got violantly and without any notice evicted

By daniel_karawane

The fire on cuvrybrache

Thursday 18 September 2014

Cuvrybrache got violantly and without any notice evicted. Cuvrybrache was one of the last free and open spaces in Kreuzberg in with more than 150 inhabitants consisting of roma families with children, refugees from the occupied Ohlauer school, artists and more.

First there was a fire on 10pm started inside the place. As there are many wooden houses inside the fire started to grow. The witnesses who were in the place believe that the Feuerwehr didn’t react really and let the fire grow and burn more houses. In reaction to the fire some of the inhabitants come out of the place and police used this opportunity to evict the place. So police forced everybody out and didn’t let them inside the place anymore.

Friday 19 September 2014

The next day a lot of police forces came to the place and made a fence around it. It was a similar situation to the Ohlauer school, of having so many police forces on the place. The posted one photo also to their twitter account trying to show that the place in completely burned which is totally not true.

In their press release, people …read more

From:: Berlin