Program Emancipation Days

By Lampedusa Lampedusa in Hamburg presents: Emancipation Days
bad Friday 10 to Saturday 11 October

Invitation to a debate on war – migration – democracy. Movements between Africa and Europe. Saturday 11 October 2 – 6 pm. Panel; discussion groups; plenary session at the isotretinoin order overnight Ex-HWP, Von-Melle-Park 9 (University)

Since more than 1 ½ year now, more than 300 migrant workers who had to flee from Libya because of NATO-intervention and persecution fight for the recognition of their Italian papers in Hamburg – the right to stay and work. There are elections in this town in February 2015. The Socialdemocratic Party may lose the general majority and need to go into a coalition (e.g. an alliance with the Green party). The Green party and the Left have positioned themselves on the side of Lampedusa in HH. Together with the refugees we should use the election-campaign to bring all those together who do not accept the strategy of ignoration the Senate is perceiving and create an atmosphere which makes this question to an essential:

No new government without a political solution for the people of the group Lampedusa in Hamburg!

This is a realistic aim. It needs the power of all of us – however, within a limited time-window. And: …read more

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