Solidarity with Kobanê

By freedomnotfrontex

The solidarity of Oranienplatz and the spirit of Kobanê live together!
We are aware of you; we know that our friends and comrades are
occupying squares, schools, churches for their rights and life: To live
with dignity, equally and with no need to escape to preserve life.
We understand you; as our people and our country -which does not only
belong to us but to many- is divided, we know what it means not to be
able to move freely. We know the oppression that comes along;
assimilation, shame and death.

We hear and see you; when you reclaim the streets, shout and chant for
our freedom, struggle and resistance, your hands reach ours. Your
solidarity lives upon the shoulders of our people; fighting, resisting,
different and same, colorfoul and together.
You greet our struggle, we greet yours! We resist for freedom for all
and to end tyranny, suffering and war.
So march on! March on, brothers and sisters, friends and families,
comrades and insurgents! Your struggle is our struggle! Our solidarity
is your solidarity! Long live your collective march for freedom and
humanisation! Greetings from the border of Kobanê!
Bijî Berxwedana Oranienplatz!
Bijî Berxwedana Kobanê!
Bijî Berxwedana Rojava!

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