Syrian refugees stage hunger strike

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Refugees from Syria camped out in front of the Greek parliament have begun a hunger strike.
More than 150 people are taking part in the sit-in which began on Wednesday, in a protest calling for the government to speed up the asylum process and provide food and shelter.
“My money is almost finished and we all here have to deal with the mafia. We don’t have legal papers, we can’t rent a house, we can’t do anything,” said one protester.
Another said: “I’m trying to go out of here, to leave Greece and go to other countries in Europe because in Greece there is no chance for me, or even for the Greek people. I came here as a refugee 10 months ago, and I tried many times to get out of Greece and I cannot.”
A woman said: “The only countries that support you so that you can be comfortable, give you a salary and give you accommodation, are the European countries.”

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From:: Clandestine