Germany, Austria and Italy launch “trilateral controls” to deal with “the increasing numbers of refugees”

By clandestina


On 13 November the German Interior Ministry announced the start of what it calls “trilateral patrolling” – police patrols in border regions involving officers from Germany, Austria and Italy. Controls, primarily focused on trains, will be “significantly boosted” by the operation. Thomas de Maizière, German’s Federal Interior Minister, said: “Stronger action against illegal migration is urgently required in view of the increasing numbers of refugees.” [1]

The new measures have been advertised as “trilateral” in nature. However, it seems that the controls will mostly take place on Italian territory.

Joachim Hermann, the Interior Minister of Bavaria – the German state closest to the Italian border – has been reported as saying: “Our aim is that asylum seekers will already be taken out of trains in Italy”. [2] His Ministry’s official press release states that it’s “about time” that “the Italian government listens and targets asylum tourism”. [3]

As well as citing concerns that Italy is failing to meet its obligations under the Dubin Regulation – under which refugees’ first country of arrival in the EU must take responsibility for their asylum application – Hermann has raised the spectre of security threats:

“This [the movement of people from Italy to Germany] does not …read more

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