Police has evacuated the Syrian refugees from Syntagma!!!

By clandestina

This night at 3 o’clock, police has evacuated the Syrian refugees from Syntagma place. It seems that they were brought to the police station in Petrou Ralli road.
Fifty-one Syrian refugees, among them six women and two children, who were sleeping out on Syntagma Square as part of a protest that started almost a month ago were removed by police in the early hours of Monday morning and reportedly taken to the aliens department on Petrou Ralli street.
According to a solidarity committee that has been supporting the Syrians, a contingent of police arrived to where the Syrians were sleeping at around 2.45am and quickly ordered them into a waiting police van. The same reports said that some of the Syrians were taken away barefoot as they had not been given time to gather their belongings, including important papers and documents that they had stored in bags. The committee said one Syrian was struck in the mouth and left bleeding.
A short time later, municipal cleaning crews arrived and removed the Syrians belongings and dismantled the temporary structures they had erected.

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From:: Clandestine