Vluchtgarage voorlopig niet ontruimd

By roeben


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Vluchtgarage voorlopig niet ontruimd

Vandaag diende het kort geding tegen de Staat, aangespannen door bewoners van de Vluchtgarage tegen de aangekondigde ontruiming. De vluchtelingen werden in deze zaak bijgestaan door twee advocaten: Rahul Uppal en Pim Fischer. Mr Uppal bepleitte dat de groep op dit moment een zwaarwegend belang heeft bij het bewonen van de vluchtgarage. Een ontruiming zou grote gevolgen hebben daar er geen alternatief is dat voorziet in een plek waar gewoond kan worden. Dit recht is fundamenteel voor een menswaardig bestaan. Ieder mens heeft een plek nodig waar je onbeperkt kan zijn en rust en privacy kan vinden. De gemeente verwijst naar de sinds kort gecreëerde nachtopvang. Dit betekent echter dat mensen iedere dag weer op straat zwerven met hun koffer, zonder geld, zonder sanitaire voorzieningen, in weer en wind. Ook als men ziek is. Mensen worden op deze manier nog kwetsbaarder dan ze al zijn.

Mr. Fischer vulde aan dat er op dit moment met name tijd nodig is om te komen tot een betere oplossing in Amsterdam. We zien dat andere steden deze stap al wel gezet hebben. Internationale mensenrechtenorganisaties en waarnemers, zoals Amnesty International …read more

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Rally in Hamburg in memory of Khaled Bahray. Rights and Safety for Refugees!

By azadi

01/30/2015 – 14:00
01/30/2015 – 17:19

Rally organised by African Survival in Hamburg on Friday, 30th. January 2015
Place: Reesendammbrücke/ Jungfernstieg – Time: 14 pm to 17 pm

Rights and Safety for Refugees!

Khaled Bahray was killed in Dresden on the 13th January 2015. ASUIHA e.V. expresses, in solidarity with his friends and family, our deep sadness in losing our 20 year old Eritrean brother.

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From:: Karawan

Jules Ferry Centre: Another steps towards segregation // le centre Jules Ferry: un autre pas vers la segregation

By consensusdecisionmaking *francais en bas On the 15th of January, the Jules Ferry Centre, a new day centre for Calais was partially opened for the first time. When it is finished, around the beginning of April, the day centre will allegedly provide showers, one meal a day, places to charge phones and a women’s and children’s sleeping […] …read more

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Pressekonferenz: 31.01.2015, 12Uhr, Oranienplatz – Berlin: Frauen wehren sich gegen das deutsche Asylsystem

By gepaecktragarz Widerstand gegen Sammelunterkünfte, sexuelle Ausbeutung und Kriminalisierung von Liebe Berlin – Aktivistinnen laden zu einer Pressekonferenz gegen das deutsche Asylsystem ein. Anlass ist die Hochzeitsfeier einer von ihnen auf dem Oranienplatz. Napuli Paul Langa beantragte 2012 Asyl in Deutschland. Doch … Continue reading …read more

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Open letter to the Green Party in Hamburg

By Lampedusa

Open letter_250115_engl

+++Download the Open letter in printable PDF+++


Landesverband Hamburg
Burchardstr. 21
20095 Hamburg

z.H. Katharina Fegebank, Antje Möller, Jens Kerstan

Open letter to the Green Party in Hamburg and their candidates

Dear Green Party of Hamburg,
dear Katharina Fegebank, Jens Kerstan and Antje Möller!

We, the group Lampedusa in Hamburg , have known you as our strong supporters since 2013 when we started our struggle.

We recognize your support and solidarity as one of the few political parties, who showed support for our struggle for human rights as refugees.

Because of this we are very happy to see that you mention our specific cause in you election program for the upcoming elections in Hamburg.

We wish you success in this election and hope that you will join the government of Hamburg in future. We have heard that chances are high that you will form a coalition with the SPD.

However, we know, that the SPD has never acknowledged our rights as a group. So we would like to ask you:

What will be your reaction, if the SPD continues to say NO to what you demand in your election program, which is a political solution for Lampedusa …read more

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Verslag Libië Campagne – Wij Zijn Hier

By roeben

libie brandt

Libië brandt maar Nederland zet vluchtelingen op straat

Een groep Libiërs uit de zelfgeorganiseerde vluchtelingengroep Wij Zijn Hier, wilde
aandacht vragen voor hun situatie. Een deel van hen had een status en is deze
kwijtgeraakt na de verkiezingen in Libië afgelopen zomer. Een ander deel heeft nooit
een status gekregen. Dit terwijl hun land in brand staat en ze niet terug kunnen.
De groep wilde een demonstratie organiseren en ook het publiek informeren over de
situatie. Enkele mensen besloten de groep Libiërs te steunen en een kleine campagne op te zetten samen met hen. Lokien schreef dit verslag van de Libië Campagne.

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KHALED IDRIS BAHRAY – Another Brick in the Wall of Murdered Asylum Seekers in EU-Germany

By kandolo

KHALED, an Eritrean asylum seeker was stabbed to death on January 12th 2015 in the city of Dresden, Germany

and once again the German police seem to be blindfolded about obvious violence in the death of another Black person in White Old Germany

KHALED was found dead in the inner courtyards of the suburb panel estates of Leubnitz-Neuostra in Dresden. His body was covered in blood caused by a deep injury to his neck and additionally blood was “…coming out of his nose and mouth, with drops of blood leading towards the door as if he’d tried to get in, but not made it, and drops on the grass”, as a friend was cited by the The Guardian yesterday. Although the post-mortem examination revealed a number of vicious knife stabs to his neck and chest, the physician and the police at the crime scene officially denied any possible involvement of so called “third parties”. Instead they assumed the fatal injury to be an open fracture of the collarbone which was said to have been caused by downfall or suicide or another sickness with “bleeding tendency”. Crime scene investigations were thereby delayed for more than 30 hours.

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The brutal Killing of Khaled Idris Bahray – A Letter by Human Rights Concern – Eritrea to Mr. Heiko Maas

By kandolo

A letter from Human Rights Concern – Eritrea to Mr Heiko Maas

Mr Heiko Maas
Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection
Berlin office
Mohrenstraße 37
10117 Berlin

Via: Email

14 January 2015

Dear Mr Maas,

Re: The brutal Killing of Khaled Idris Bahray,a 20-year-old refugee from

We are writing to express our shock at the brutal killing of Khaled Idris Bahray, a 20-year-old refugee from Eritrea who was found dead on Tuesday 13th January 2015, in the yard of a housing estate where he had accommodation with seven other refugees in Dresden.

Human Rights Concern-Eritrea (HRCE) condemns the unprovoked cruel killing, and we believe that this is a heinous crime committed against an innocent young man who sought refuge in Germany. He had gone out shopping when he was killed. It seems extraordinary that, according to news reports, the German police initially claimed they did not suspect foul play even though the body was covered in blood and wounds and this happened in the wake of the anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim demonstrations in Dresden, and given the persistent threats refugees in the area have been experiencing, there seems to be little doubt that Mr. Bahray is a victim of these extremists.

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