KHALED IDRIS BAHRAY – Another Brick in the Wall of Murdered Asylum Seekers in EU-Germany

By kandolo

KHALED, an Eritrean asylum seeker was stabbed to death on January 12th 2015 in the city of Dresden, Germany

and once again the German police seem to be blindfolded about obvious violence in the death of another Black person in White Old Germany

KHALED was found dead in the inner courtyards of the suburb panel estates of Leubnitz-Neuostra in Dresden. His body was covered in blood caused by a deep injury to his neck and additionally blood was “…coming out of his nose and mouth, with drops of blood leading towards the door as if he’d tried to get in, but not made it, and drops on the grass”, as a friend was cited by the The Guardian yesterday. Although the post-mortem examination revealed a number of vicious knife stabs to his neck and chest, the physician and the police at the crime scene officially denied any possible involvement of so called “third parties”. Instead they assumed the fatal injury to be an open fracture of the collarbone which was said to have been caused by downfall or suicide or another sickness with “bleeding tendency”. Crime scene investigations were thereby delayed for more than 30 hours.

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From:: Karawan