Open letter to the Green Party in Hamburg

By Lampedusa

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Landesverband Hamburg
Burchardstr. 21
20095 Hamburg

z.H. Katharina Fegebank, Antje Möller, Jens Kerstan Open letter to the Green Party in Hamburg and their candidates

Dear Green Party of Hamburg,
dear Katharina Fegebank, Jens Kerstan and Antje Möller!

We, the group Lampedusa in Hamburg , have known you as our strong supporters since 2013 when we started our struggle.

We recognize your support and solidarity as one of the few political parties, who showed support for our struggle for human rights as refugees.

Because of this we are very happy to see that you mention our specific cause in you election program for the upcoming elections in Hamburg.

We wish you success in this election and hope that you will join the government of Hamburg in future. We have heard that chances are high that you will form a coalition with the SPD.

However, we know, that the SPD has never acknowledged our rights as a group. So we would like to ask you:

Seria What will be your reaction, if the SPD continues to say NO to what you demand in your election program, which is a political solution for Lampedusa …read more

From:: Hamburg