Evros fence: “openings for refugees, not sans-papiers”

By clandestina

Yiannis Panousis, the Greek Citizen Protection Ministry (police minister), plans to “create openings in the fence in Evros for the safe passage of refugees”.

Yiannis Panousis originally had said that he believes the fence should remain as is. After discussing the issue with the new Immigration Deputy, Mr. Tasia Christodoulopoulou, the new political leadership of the Police seems to change its plans.Thus, it intends to open the fence at some points, so refugees of wars can enter the country.

According to sources from the Citizen Protection Ministry “We will not allow illegal immigrants to cross the borders”. What is unclear, however, is how “illegal immigrants” will be distinguished from war refugees and whether it is feasible for the Greek authorities to put such a separation in practice at the borders.

Another issue that has arisen is whether and when the work will start to repair the 300 meters long part of fence that fell due to the latest severe weather.
Syriza MP, Vangelis Diamantopoulos, has written to twitter “I hope that they not hurry to repair it”, while Minister.Panousis has argued in a Sunday newspaper interview that the fence will be repaired.

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From:: Clandestine