Jerry Bagaza takes legal action against the Ausländerbehörde and calls for rememberance of Shambu Lama

By rafa

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I am calling for public observation and support. Come and witness my court hearing which is me against Ausländerbehörde since they have refused my right to be protected.
The court hearing will take place in Braunschweig on Friday, 20th of February at 9:30 a.m. in Verwaltungsgericht, Braunschweig, Wilhelmstraße 55, 38100 Braunschweig.
Thanks for your support!
Your presence is your solidarity for Bleiberecht for all!

Hello brothers and sisters,
i’m calling for memory of our late refugee brother Shambu Lama who was driven to death by the authority of Gifhorn. The memory will take place on 28th of February 2015, 2 pm at CEKA-Brunnen City Center/Gifhorn.
Your presence is solidarity with the fight for changes and for stopping discrimination and isolation of refugees in this state.

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