Greek government reveals plans for undocumented immigrants

By clandestina

Earlier today some government decisions concerning undocumented immigrants were released. All immigrants being kept in detention centers for more than 6 months will gradually be released. Then, they will be given a paper postponing deportation for a 6-months period. In this period they should leave Greece by themselves. Undocumented immigrants crossing greek borders will no more be arrested, but (as in the past) they will be given a paper saying that they have one month to leave Greece. If they get arrested after this one-month period, they will also be given a paper postponing deportation for 6 more months. Then they will enter an uncertain status, as the immigrants’ situation in Greece had (has) been for many years. Most of the detention centers will not close – perhaps not even Amygdaleza.
So we almost return to the situation as it was 3 years ago. Not exactly. Back then maximum detention was three months, not six, there were seven detention centers less, the nazi party percentage was 0,15%, not 7% and the immigrant population was much bigger – actually during last three years the total population of Greece has decreased, for the first time since the formation of the greek state.
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From:: Clandestine