The brutal torturing of Egyptian worker Walid Talb

By clandestina


I am sitting next to Walid Talb. He is a very gentle and shy man. He smiles a lot and is willing to answer any question I throw at him; about his life in Egypt and then about what happened three years ago. I am not a journalist, you see, so I cannot keep up with the flow of a proper interview. Every time he refers to a detail of what they did to him in Salamina, I get a sudden, almost instinctive urge to change the subject, to get out of the café and get a breath of fresh air. I admire him for his courage. Walid Talb is seating next to me; his hat, his smile, his very existence act as a series of reminders.

The hearing of his case is scheduled for Tuesday 10 March at the criminal court of Piraeus. It is worth noting that the hearing has already been postponed four times…

The story is well known. No – it’s the photo that is well known, I should say. Published back in November 2012 the photo showed a brutally abused man, bound and chained on a tree. Walid Talb was working at a bakery on …read more

From:: Clandestine