Refugee’s manifestation in Lutherstadt Wittenberg on 16.04.2015: With Refugees as Guest Speakers from Schwäebish Gmünd

By Karawane Wittenberg

Refugee’s manifestation in Lutherstadt Wittenberg on 16.04.2015: Stop Abuse! Legalize the so Called “tolerated refugees in Germany! Stop Destroying Refugees’ Perspectives! with refugees as guest speakers from Schwäebish Gmünd.

Date: 16.04.2015
Time: 14:00 Uhr
Venue: Lutherstadt Wittenberg (Marktplatz)

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Hunger strike of unaccompanied minors in Lithi police station

By momo


On Thursday 19, 2014 about 17 unaccompanied minors started a hunger strike in Lithi police station near Thessaloniki. Most of them were only recently released after months of detention. They had been in pre-removal centres such as Corinth, Amygdaleza or Paranesti Drama while waiting to be assessed as underage and / or awaiting their transfer to one of the scarce accommodation places for minors in open reception centres. Some of the minors detained in Lithi have been already more than six months detained. They have been arrested as they left the reception centers hosting them and were reported missing thereafter. The so called “protective detention” is supposed to be the better alternative than leaving them on the streets. This kind of “protection” is not wanted by any of them.

Currently only around 350 places are available in 12 reception centres all over Greece while there are nearly 200 registered unaccompanied minors waiting in detention for a place in order to get released. The new government has announced to focus on the creation of reception centers and the release of vulnerable groups like unaccompanied minors from detention.
The minors held in Lithi demand their immediate freedom.
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The brutal torturing of Egyptian worker Walid Talb

By clandestina


I am sitting next to Walid Talb. He is a very gentle and shy man. He smiles a lot and is willing to answer any question I throw at him; about his life in Egypt and then about what happened three years ago. I am not a journalist, you see, so I cannot keep up with the flow of a proper interview. Every time he refers to a detail of what they did to him in Salamina, I get a sudden, almost instinctive urge to change the subject, to get out of the café and get a breath of fresh air. I admire him for his courage. Walid Talb is seating next to me; his hat, his smile, his very existence act as a series of reminders.

The hearing of his case is scheduled for Tuesday 10 March at the criminal court of Piraeus. It is worth noting that the hearing has already been postponed four times…

The story is well known. No – it’s the photo that is well known, I should say. Published back in November 2012 the photo showed a brutally abused man, bound and chained on a tree. Walid Talb was working at a bakery on …read more

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Solidarity with the Demonstrations in Detention Centres Across the UK

By consensusdecisionmaking Hunger strikes and occupations have been happening in 7 of UK’s detention centres for a week now. Hundreds of people have been refusing food and protesting in the centres. People are speaking out about the situation through the blog below People are now asking for actions of solidarity from outside the UK- at Embassies, […] …read more

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Gesucht: Ein Haus für Refugees. // Wanted: a house for refugees!

By RefugeeProtestVienna

7-10 of the Refugees living and protesting together have to leave their house again: Call for support!

“Die Schutzbefohlenen“ – Unterkunft gesucht! Elfriede Jelinek hat ihren Text „Die Schutzbefohlenen“ als Reaktion auf die Proteste der Asylwerber vor und in der Votivkirche im Dezember 2012 und auf die täglichen Flüchtlingsdramen in Europa geschrieben.

Während die Proben zu dem Stück begonnen haben, suchen zehn der damals beteiligten „Refugees“ wieder nach einer Unterkunft, nachdem sie aus einem privat zur Verfügung gestellten Haus zum Ende des Monats ausziehen müssen. Diese Menschen, die sich in einem laufenden Asylverfahren befinden, bekommen Grundversorgung von der Caritas. Aber Zimmer oder Wohnungen zu finden ist fast unmöglich. Wir rufen unser Publikum auf, mit uns gemeinsam diese Asylwerber zu unterstützen! Bitte helfen Sie, wenn Sie um Unterkünfte wissen!
Kontakt Burgtheater:” seeLink:

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to live in the house found with the help of many of you, last, not least, this VIDEO CALL by Faces for Refugees:

Gesucht: Ein Haus für Refugees – “We need a place to live our protest!”
Protest Video mit: Kristina Bangert, Hilde Dalik, Alexander Pschill, Doris Schretzmayer, Stefan Slupetzky, Shakil Khan, Ziaur Rehmann, Sohail Khan, Shabir Khan, Ali Asmat, Salaheddine Najah, Mohammad Atef Wazir, Liaqat Ali …read more

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A comment on recent events

By clandestina

the government says:
sans-papiers will not be arrested at the border”
and then denies it

a short commentary

Let us briefly qualify the statement that “undocumented immigrants entering Greece will not be arrested, but they will be handed a paper giving them one month to leave Greece”.

until 2012: no papers, some detention, “one month to leave”
This paper was more or less common practice until about three years ago. Undocumented migrants arrested at the borders were kept in police custody for three days for medical exams and then were released with the “one-month-to-leave” paper in their hands. Those who applied for asylum were kept in detention (detention centers or police stations) for up to 3 months, as a form of punishment of applicants, and also to discourage other migrants from applying for asylum. Very few were actually granted asylum (Greece had the lowest acceptance rate in Europe), very few were deported, some were occasionally arrested again, and all undocumented migrants were constantly fearing and facing police repression. All of them were trapped in Greece. All were monitored and ultimately controlled by smuggling mafias (with the participation of -para-state officers).

the role of detention after the summer of 2012
After the “Xenios Zeus” Operation in August 2012 …read more

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