10 points of institutional racism

By clandestina

Here are the 10 points put forward by the European Commission and backed by EU foreign and interior ministers at a meeting in Luxembourg:

  1. The EU will reinforce the EU’s maritime patrolling operations in the Mediterranean, called Triton and Poseidon, by giving them more money and equipment. The EU will also extend their scope to patrol a wider area of sea.
  2. The bloc will make a systematic effort to capture and destroy vessels used by the people smugglers, using the EU’s counter-piracy “Atalanta” operation off Somalia as a model. EU officials said it would be a combined civilian and military operation but gave no more details.
  3. The EU’s law enforcement, border control, asylum and prosecutors’ agencies will meet regularly and work closely to gather information on how the smugglers operate, to trace their funds and help investigate them.
  4. The European Union’s asylum support office will to deploy teams in Italy and Greece for joint processing of asylum applications.
  5. EU governments will fingerprint all migrants.
  6. The EU will consider options for an “emergency relocation mechanism” for migrants.
  7. The European Commission will launch a voluntary pilot project on resettling refugees across the EU
  8. The EU will establish a new return programme for rapid return of “irregular” migrants co-ordinated by EU …read more

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Kundgebung in Köln in Gedenken an die ermordeten Flüchtlinge an Europas Außengrenzen

By azadi

04/22/2015 – 17:30
04/22/2015 – 22:16

Kundgebungsort: Köln Domplatte
Alle Geflüchteten, die an Europas Außengrenzen sterben, werden ermordet!
Während Deutschland mit viel Medienrummel die Staatstrauer für 150 bei einem Flugzeugunglück gestorbene Menschen begeht, bleibt es weitestgehend ignoriert, dass letzte Woche bei zwei Schiffsunglücken über 1000 Menschen auf der Flucht nach Europa ertrunken sind.

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700 deaths for freedom in the Sicilian channel

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A political position from Migrant Coordination (Italy) on the massacre in the Mediterranean sea: [passa alla versione in italiano]

Seeing the massacre in the Sicily Canal, we migrants, on the front lines of the daily struggle against the government of mobility and movement, declare that in the war of borders we side with the women and men who seek freedom. Whatever the reason: escaping war, dictatorial regimes, persecution or simply the desire to change life.
We fight every day to guarantee our rights against institutional racism, which seeks to silence us and make us no more than labor force to be silently exploited. Through assemblies, demonstrations and strikes we organize to demand freedom for all, against exploitation, precarity and racist laws like the Bossi-Fini legislation. We are here and here we fight. But we know that our condition comes from having crossed a border, a border that continues to follow us in the residency papers in our pockets and the daily racism we face. For this reason we struggle so that all the women and men who like us must move to conquer a future for themselves can do it without being blackmailed or forced to seek help …read more

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Rome: New migrant shipwreck reported to the IOM

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The International Organization for Migration has received information about a new migrant shipwreck with at least 20 deaths, a spokesman for the organization says.

An unidentified person called the IOM’s Rome office saying that they were on a sinking boat with 300 people on board, including 20 who had already died, the official said.

The same caller said there was a total of three boats in distress.

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Alarm Phone Press Release: The EU kills Refugees, Ferries not Frontex!

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Press Release, 19.4.2015

Last night at least 650 people drowned about 73 nautical miles north of the Libyan coast when seeking to reach Italy. They were on board of a 30 meter long boat that capsized when the container vessel King Jacob approached them for assistance. There were only 28 survivors.

This is the biggest refugee boat catastrophe in the recent history of the Mediterranean Sea. With its decision from the 27th of August 2014 to scale down rescue operations at sea, the EU is responsible for this mass dying. The EU has the means and possibilities to rescue refugees in the Mediterranean Sea. But instead, they let people drown.

Over the last weeks, we, as the Watch The Med Alarm Phone, became direct witnesses of struggles over life and death on these boats and of the relatives’ worries. We also witnessed how the coastguards of Italy and Malta as well as the crews of commercial vessels made great efforts but could often not prevent the dying as they were not sufficiently equipped to conduct rescue operations. And this is due to political decisions made on the level of the European Union.

Fortress Europe has caused ten thousands of deaths in the Mediterranean Sea …read more

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Bustour 2015

By freedomnotfrontex OTOBÜS TURU 2015 BAŞLADI Daha önde duyurduğumuz üzere, Almanya çapındaki mülteci kamplarını ve diğer direniş gruplarını ziyaret etmek amacıyla yeniden bir otobüs turu eylemini başlattık. Oranienplatz’dan start alan araçlarımızla şu anda Hamburg şehrine doğru ilerlemekteyiz. Bu sabah, Oranienplatz’da otobüs turu … Continue reading …read more

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700 feared dead as migrant boat capsizes off Libya

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A rescue operation is under way after a boat carrying an estimated 700 migrants capsized in Libyan waters, 120 miles south off Lampedusa.

Twenty-eight people have been reported rescued, while a number of bodies have been washed ashore in Libya.

The migrants reportedly fell overboard when they ran to draw the attention of a passing vessel. The boat is said to have capsized at midnight.

The disaster could become one of the worst over the decades of the migrant situation in the southern Mediterranean, which has seen the death toll rise over 1,500 since the beginning of 2015, Reuters reported.

“At the moment, we fear that this is a tragedy of really vast proportions,” Carlotta Sami, a spokeswoman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, told SkyTG24 television.

“The first details came from one of the survivors who spoke English and who said that at least 700 people, if not more, were on board,” Sami added.

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Mediterranean migrant shipwreck: 41 people feared dead after boat ‘sinks’ off Libyan coast

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Another boat carrying refugees has reportedly sank in the Mediterranean leaving more than 40 people drowned.
Four survivors of the shipwreck told Italian police in Trapani, Sicily, their rubber vessel carrying 45 people sank off the Libyan coast, the International Organization for Migrants (IOM) told IBTimes UK.

They were among 580 migrants brought to the port on Thursday. The agency said the migrants were found floating in the sea by a helicopter and were rescued by the Italian Naval ship Foscari.

The report comes after as many as 400 migrants fleeing Libya are feared to have drowned when their boat capsized 24 hours after departing the North African coast. Italy’s coastguard has rescued 144 people but several hundred others are feared dead given the size of the vessel.

Italian coastguards have rescued 893 migrants from boats in distress off the Libyan coast and are bringing them to two Sicilian coastal towns that are already struggling with the influx of refugees from Libya.

The Italian coastguard said they have rescued up to 10,000 people since 10 April.

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WE ARE HERE weer verenigd na kraakaktie

By roeben



Gisteravond heeft de groep van We Are Here die uit de Vluchtgarage was gezet en door de stad zwierf, een nieuwe tijdelijke woning betrokken in de Vluchttoren aan de Sande Bakhuijzenstraat 2 (zijstraatje van de Jan Tooropstraat, tegenover het Lucas Andreasziekenhuis).

Dit leegstaande kantoorpand ligt naast het Vluchtgebouw, Jan Tooropstraat 649, waarin een ander deel van de vluchtelingen van We Are Here woont. Een groot deel van de groep is nu weer verenigd. Overleg met de politie staat voor vandaag op het programma. Pers is welkom vanaf 2 uur vanmiddag.

De vluchtelingen danken de supporters die dit nieuwe onderkomen gekraakt hebben, van harte.

Vorige nacht kregen de vluchtelingen gastvrijheid in Vrankrijk in de Spuistraat. De nacht daarvoor brachten ze door in een tentenkamp in Tolstraat, waar ze de volgende dag door de politie op gewelddadige wijze werden verwijderd, nadat hun tenten in beslag waren genomen. Veel buurbewoners kwamen solidariteit betuigen, waaronder de leerlingen van de tegen het tentenkamp gelegen Ivko College. De groep heeft gisteren opnieuw gedemonstreerd, bij het gebouw van de Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst (IND) op de Weteringschans en in het Vondelpark.

Een belangrijk doel van de groep van We Are Here is om zichtbaar te blijven om hun probleem aan …read more

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