Meeting with Mayor Van der Laan

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September 30, 8.30 at the Mayor’s residence

Minutes by Jasper Klapwijk for We Are Here.

Present: Bayissa Ayana, Younis Osman Nuur, Oumar Barete, Thomas Philip Guya, Mammadou Telly Diallo, Eberhard van der Laan, Simon Bontekoning and three civil servants, Savannah Koole, Henk Griffioen, Jasper Klapwijk, Maartje Terpstra.

We are welcomed by the mayor, who announces that he has time for 30 minutes to talk to us. He asks if the people will leave the Vluchtflat. Osman declares that the people will leave today as promised. This is news for the mayor, as he was under the impression that the date for leaving was October 1. Savannah explains that the verdict from the court explicitly stated September 30.

The mayor asks if the letter of state secretary Teeven has been received; Simon explains that the letter has not been handed out, but that he has explained. The refugees confirm this and state that they understand the offer Teeven has made: 12 weeks in VBL Ter Apel on the condition of cooperation with return to the country of origin, and € 4.500 for people who manage to return.

Osman Younis hands out a letter by the leaders to the mayor. The mayor reads …read more

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