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Who are we?
We are a group of refugees who asked for asylum in the Netherlands, but got rejected. We went through a lot in our countries of origin and in our travel to a safe Europe. We told our stories but they are not believed. In order to get asylum we have to come with new proof of our stories, which is either impossible to get or would put our lives even more in danger.

But also we are people. We would like to study, we would like to work, we would like to be with the ones we love. We like nice food, we like sports and we like many more things. Just like you! We are no different.

What is our problem?
Since we got rejected as refugees, we do not get any housing but are also not allowed to work. Therefore we are out on the street. We didn’t expect to find ourselves in this situation when we came here as refugees. In fact, we lack all basic human rights.

Where do we stay?
First we stayed in a tent camp, followed by many different squatted buildings, such as Vluchtkerk, Vluchtflat, Vluchtkantoor, Vluchtgarage. However, all places got evicted. But even after all …read more

From:: Amsterdam