10.06.15/w2eu: Announcement concerning the defamation of the Welcome to Europe Info Flyer

By momo

who we are.... in the leaflet

We are deeply concerned about the in-correct information “Lesvosnews.gr” blog is spreading in the internet about the info-flyer for refugees and migrants which was edited and published by the Welcome to Europe Network in summer 2014 and which is used by the civil society in Lesvos to inform newly arriving refugees and migrants in their own languages about their situation and their rights.

The local news blog with its article is criminalising the information provision. Access to information is a basic right and in this frame its provision is an act of solidarity and should be common sense of equal treatment of all human beings. The news blog falsely stated that Turkish human traffickers were producing the leaflet and handing it to the most paying as extra service. The article is obviously based on a great lack of knowledge on the English language, is not investigated journalistically and highly unprofessional in its perspective and intention. As a matter of course usually it is the provision with wrong information which is part of the tactics applied by human trafficking networks and not the provision of reliable and detailed iformation on their rights, as included in the mentioned leaflet. …read more

From:: Lesvos