Freedom not borders! Unconditional European residence permit for all migrants!

Gabapentin 300 mg for dogs side effects By clandestina

Middleburg Heights Saturday, the 13th of June, will be a day of mobilization of migrants in Italy and in Germany, with demonstrations in Bologna, Bari, Brescia and Frankfurt.

Migrants, together with precarious and industry workers, will say laud and clear that they are not going to be the ones who pay the most violent backlashes of the crisis. While migration enters the public debate as a steady “emergency», only when the massacres in the Mediterranean keep happening, a true and daily war against migrants is fought on the internal and external borders of Europe. The division between economic migrants and refugees, as well as the new measures to face the arrivals from the Mediterranean, are just other tools to create hierarchies and to reinforce the widespread belief that migrants are something to be “managed» and “relocated», to be “used», while they become an unwelcome “burden» when they are not needed anymore. Migrants are supposed to pay double, with the risk of losing the residence permit, the general lowering of wages, the precarity of the working conditions, the high rents, the cuts in welfare, the inattention of the local administrations. Something that is not anymore difficult to understand for all those EU citizens that …read more

From:: Clandestine