Journey III: First Impressions

By ronja

The first morning we stay at the beach in
Charamida with a bigger group: About 4AM some of us hear the sound of an
engine, people shouting. Directly at the beach next to us a boat with
refugees from Syria and Iraq arrived. We go to welcome them and bring
them some water and biscuits. It is a group of about 40 people, among
them many families with children, who arrived from Turkey after 4 hours
in the sea. We call the coastguard, we call the police, but without much
hope that they will come and pick them. There are so many arrivals these
days and mostly the people have to walk and walk for hours until they
reach Mitilini where they have to register in the port. The way from
Charamida to Mitilini is long.
But the transport of unregistered refugees is not longer criminalized.
You have to call 100 and tell the police that you will bring refugees to
the port-police to register them, tell them your numberplates, then
there is no risk. Many people on this island transport day by day
newcomers nowadays. So we start to shuttle the families with children
first. When we go to Mitilini we find more people walking on the street
another boat with Syrians, again a lot of …read more

From:: Lesvos