Moria / Lesbos: Registration chaos, police violence, hunger, thirst and sleeping rough

By momo

October 3: Registration queue in Moria / copyright: Salinia Stroux

October 3: Registration queue in Moria / copyright: Salinia Stroux

In the first days of October 2015 Moria has become for one more time a nightmare to refugees and activists alike even though registration procedures have been speeded up since September. Anyhow, the system changes every day with no one knowing how to actually get documents. The despair of the people arriving wet from the coasts, staying outside in the cold without shelter, food or water, medication and without any information on what to do – specifically in the nights – is creating anxiousness and stress. Hundreds of refugees stand for hours and through all of the night in queues: One day on the upper gate, the next day on the another gate, once with extra queues for families, once without…. While many refugees are pushing to enter and get registered, riot police is controlling the gates with clubs and tear gas by force.

Moria officially includes since a few weeks a First Reception Center (FRC) and a Pre-removal center. The different sections just look alike though.

Unaccompanied minors in Moria FRC / copyright: Salinia Stroux

In the First Reception Center unaccompanied minors are waiting to be send to open reception facilities. …read more

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