Seelow: 200 People (so called refugees) imprisoned in a Gym

By freedomnotfrontex The current states are absolutely inhumane already at first sight. Even some of the cots are broken and people repetitively tell: ‘They keep us worse than animals, we want to get out of here!’ and ‘We are all going mad here, people cannot sleep any longer, they spend the whole night outside’.

The residents of the lager has already organised 2 demonstrations inside and outside of the Lager, but couldn’t reach their demands.

The residents complain, that when they arrived, they were told it was only for a few hours, then a few days and last for several weeks of being in Seelow. After they attempted a demonstration there was an information meeting with the district administration and the Seelow inhabitants (the question remains open whether the refugees were actually involved and represented accordingly) – which seems to have been positive. However, the day, when they went to the bank collectively with the conductor of the place to receive their pocket money, local inhabitants harrased them again publicly. Continue reading …read more

From:: Berlin