Sat. Oct. 31: call for protest in Zagreb (Solidarity with migrants on all borders) By clandestina


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The boundaries of the fortress Europe are becoming ‘death camps’ with unbearable lightness. Judging by the statements of politicians from the periphery of Europe, pressured by the European Commission, it is a question of time before the barbed wires will extend from Hungary to other routes of the present and future Schengen area. Barbed wire and fences that are springing up thanks to the mechanisms of forced labor, by exploitation of the working force of the most vulnerable members of society – prisoners and the unemployed, are not and will not stop the migration of thousands of people who are forced to leave their homes. The wire alongside the so-called green border is complicating the refugee trail and is directing people to a much more demanding and difficult terrain. Resisting border regimes and police repression on their way to Europe, with always present risk of drowning, extortion and profiteering by human traffickers, detention, imprisonment, deportation, violence, and death, people in migration are forced, already exhausted by months-long walk, to continue walking for miles, to wait for registration and fingerprinting for hours and sleep at night in the cold and the rain, literally …read more

From:: Clandestine