no border serbia: Join the international action day! 31st of October

By clandestina

Join the international action day! 31st of October

In order to join the international action day against borders, Fortress-Europe, apartheid walls and fences, and as a symbolic act of solidarity with migrants in their every day struggle for freedom and dignity – we are calling you to take part in the solidarity action on Saturday, on 31st of October on the Serbian-Croatian border ( Bapska border crossing).

As the comrades from Greece wrote ( – we can not be silent facing death and suffer. As long as borders exist, as long as we are surrounded by fences and walls the European Union will be committing the killing of thousands of people, and the Balkan states are part of this murder machine too.

After the meeting on the Western Balkans Migration Route in Brussels ( plans of mass deportations are already preparing to be carried out, also more increased presence of Frontex in the region is expected, shortly, it’s the time to show unity and resistance, and send a powerful message: …read more

From:: Clandestine