Rep. of Macedonia erects fence, borders closed

By clandestina

Tension has gripped the neutral zone between Greece and Rep. of Macedonia since yesterday, as the refugees and migrants there have been informed that only citizens of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq will be entitled to pass freely from now on.

This morning about 100 Iranians were near the neutral zone and begged to be allowed to cross the border, resulting in the Macedonian authorities closing the border shortly after 8:00 am.

Croatian Minister of Interior Ranko Ostojić confirmed on Thursday, November 19, 2015 that Croatia is closing its borders for economic migrants. Refugees from Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Afghanistan will still be accepted and registered before they continue their journey to Slovenia and further on to their final destination.

This decision comes as a chain reaction since the same measure was implemented last night and early this morning by Serbia and Macedonia. Slovenia has also closed its borders for economic migrants and already tried to send 162 people back to Croatia, all of them coming from countries that are not considered war zones (Morocco, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Liberia). Croatia denied the request so those migrants are still in Slovenia.

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