Something or Nothing: Helping Refugees on Samos

By clandestina


There has been so little time to stop and think. Since May this year the daily arrival of refugees coming to Samos across the sea from Turkey has transformed the daily lives of many here. The scale of this flow of humanity is hard to grasp. Everything seems to change. You look differently at the sea and sky now worrying about the waves and the wind. Above all you are endlessly alert, for although you know there are going to be arrivals you never know when, where or in what circumstances. If you can, you go down to the landings. This is a very critical time for the refugees. You can’t hang around. Especially now when the weather and sea at night is much colder than during the summer months. But also because now we are seeing many more babies, young children, pregnant women, older and disabled people amongst the refugees. They are vulnerable and find the sea journey and all that it entails waiting in the forests and shores of Turkey very difficult.

The reason we think and act as we do has one very simple explanation. We are human. How is it possible to be human and …read more

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A police riot in the jungle (timeline and videos)

By consensusdecisionmaking Last night the security services in Calais led a violent assault on the jungle refugee camp. This was an orchestrated police operation designed to continually provoke the residents of the camp. The police’s actions came after two previous nights of unrest and protest. The trigger for these previous nights of dissent, probably a manifestation by […] …read more

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Refugee’s investigation from the Camp Strike in Suhl – It is unacceptable to insult us and threaten our safety

By thevoicejena

I fled from the Syria massacre to escape to Turkey. After I decided to move to Germany with my family. I do not have a large family, only my wife and my kitten. We got to take a very dangerous trip. We were so lucky to survive from drowning in the Aegean sea between Turkey and Greece. Then, we spent days and days walking or being transferred by buses or trains from Greece to the German borders.

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Members of the Communist Party of Greece evict refugees’ squat in Lesvos!

By clandestina

Yesterday, November 10, members of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), playing the role of the Riot Police, evacuated by force a squat for temporary accommodation of refugees/migrants. The former “workers’ center” building was occupied on November 7, 2015 by refugees and greeks in solidarity to them. It had been empty for many years, but the Communist Party (who controls Mytilene workers’ center) was using it as storeroom.

Refugees and immigrants are obliged to sleep in the streets of Lesvos island, while they are waiting for the papers to travel to Athens and from there to the north of the European Union.

On this video you can see the reactions of the people in solidarity following the evacuation of the squat.

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Solidariteit zonder grenzen, hoe ziet dat er eigenlijk uit?

By No Border Network [Van NMGN Gastvrij!] Solidariteit zonder grenzen, hoe ziet dat er nu eigenlijk uit? We schreven een stuk over solidariteit zonder grenzen met een stukje geschiedenis van de grenzen rondom Europa. Vrijheid van Beweging De Europese buitengrenzen vormen de meest dodelijke grens ter wereld. Nergens sterven meer mensen in een poging een grens over te steken “sdadasdf” …read more

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Locked Up & and Neglected After Fleeing Danger, Immigrant Women Detainees Launch Hunger Strike in Texas, NOVEMBER 06, 2015

By freedomnotfrontex Below is a link to the Democracy Now piece about the women’s hunger strike in USA refugee detention prisons. The link has the video and also the transcript of that portion of the show which aired on 6.11.2015 Last week, … Continue reading …read more

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Building squated by immigrants in Lesvos (+ more news from Greece)

By clandestina


Yesterday (7/11) in Mytilini migrants occupied one building in the center of the town close to the port. The building was the old “workers’ center” of the town, but the last years was closed. The last days thousands of people were living in the port and in the streets waiting for the ships (the ships workers were on strike).
This is a self-organized initiative by migrants and local groups are there to support them.

aerobically …and some more news from Greece

As you probably know, the days before the protest against Evros fence have been the deadliest ever in the Aegean, with 86 people dead or missing. During the first ten months of 2015 more than 454 migrants have died or gone missing in successive shipwrecks in the Aegean…

So, all that we do appears so little, but so necessary in the same time.

The Greek government is determined not to take the Evros fence down. Instead, they want to start negotiations with the Turkish government, in order to come into an “arrangement”, that has been suggested by high EU officials.

Three days ago, prime minister Alexis Tsipras escorted Martin Schulz (President of the European Parliament) to a visit in Lesvos island.

Local anarchists occupied the city’s …read more

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