Video: Emergency shelter in Wiesenstraße throws out Syrian refugee woman at night

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[vimeo 154353396 w=500 h=281]

Klick HERE for the Press Release which was published few days ago.

Watch the video:

International Women Space got to know Viviana when she was still living the emergency shelter (Lager) at the Wiesenstraße, in Wedding, Berlin. On te 29th of January we went to the Notunterkunft to have a coffee with Viviana and see how she was. The moment we met, Viviana was already showing signs of stress. No wonder, she was one of the few women living in a shared space of a former Basketball Hall with 200 men having only her bed as a place of her own.

As we tried to get the house to see the conditions in which she was living, the security stopped us on the corridor. First they said that we had to show our documents before coming in. Fair enough. We know the procedures and are used to show our ID’s when entering such houses, but as soon as we were pushed back by the security to the entrance hall, they changed their minds and we could no longer enter the premisses at all. As some discussion continued, came the news that Viviana, by the way, …read more

From:: Berlin