Global Action Day Against Racism 20th of March

By freedomnotfrontex

Global action day against racism

Global action day against racism

Refugee Club Impulse (RCI) and My Right is Your Right invite you to the

Join the Demonstration for the Global Action Day Against Racism on the 20th of March – 12 Noon – Platz der Luftbrücke!

Carnival has a longstanding tradition of resistance. It was once a place where societal structures were revealed and confronted. Carnival creates a culture of laughing and creative resistance that confronts the ruling system. In face of raising numbers of racist attacks, political successes of right-wing movements and continuous tightening of discriminating asylum policies, resistance is extremely important. Racism made it into the centre of society.

Let’s take back the streets to show that we are here to fight for a real change in our society! The right to stay is freedom of movement is a human right!
With performances, dances, masques, costumes, flash-mobs, music, spoken word, banners and chants we want to hold up the mirror to the current political state of affairs and set a sign of solidarity against it. This will be a celebration of our various struggles, demands and ideas! Join us!

The Carnival was brought to life by the self-organized theatre collective Refugee Club Impulse (RCI). My …read more

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