Dortmund – Manifestation in remembrance of Dominique Kouamadio and all victims of racist police or state brutality

By kandolo

04/14/2016 – 18:00
04/14/2016 – 20:00


SHOT TO DEATH BY THE POLICE on April 14, 2006 in Dortmund Eving

Manifestation in Dortmund on April 14, 2016 at 6pm at Reinoldikirche

On April 14, 2006, Dominique Kouamadio, a 23 year-old Congolese, was shot dead by a policeman in Dortmund. One shot hit Dominique’s heart. The state persecutor judges the act of the police as self-defence and has closed the files. The sister of Dominique, her family and many others believe, that Dominique’s did not need to die. Many still believe, that if he was not from Africa and had not a black skin, he still would live.

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From:: Karawan