No-Stress-Tour 2016

By freedomnotfrontex

no stress tour 2016

As the „No Stress Tour“ is primarily organized and planned by persons which are themselves refugees and European citizens, they will also directly or indirectly profit from the benefits the project offers. Because of its flexibility, the „No Stress Tour“ facilitates the exchange between refugees and other inhabitants of the districts and sensitizes people on issues such as the controversial asylum policy, with special focus on the emancipation of women and children. To achieve our goal, we will organise weekends full of activities in various refugee camps from June to October, which will be carried out in two camps each month in or around Berlin and Bielefeld. Invited are in particular refugees, citizens of the concerning districts, doctors and lawyers for refugees, mayors, socially active groups and people with migration background. The various activities are adressed to all the persons directly concerned. To the citizens of the districts, to all refugees and particular to all woman and children.

Planned weekend schedule for the „No Stress Tour“:

· soccer: mixed: Germans/ Refugees
· Meeting and discussion with woman and children
· volleyball: mixed: Woman/Men
· Meeting and discussion with woman and children
· guided tours in camps, concert
· performance of 5 different groups of artists
· Asylummonologue
· Discussion …read more

From:: Berlin