Join the demo on Sat 16th April: Social Berlin for all, stop racists! We won’t be divided!

By freedomnotfrontex


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Alliance social Berlin against Racism: Call for a demonstration on 16 April, 1pm, starts from Oranienplatz

Social Berlin for all, stop racists! We won’t be divided!

According to the UN, 60 million people worldwide are fleeing from war, oppression and exploitation – more than at any time since the Second World War. Some of them find their way to Berlin. The conditions for refugees are, as ever, inacceptable. Many must still wait for days in the cold just to be registered, or sleep in gyms or makeshift shelters. At the same time, there are empty houses and unused property which is kept empty by speculators. For example, the former Federal Ministry of the Interior, with its 850 empty heated rooms, which is directly next to LaGeSo, costs the state over half a million Euros each month.

Right to stay, good housing, jobs and education for all

Even those who have lived here longer are finding it increasingly difficult to find affordable housing. Berlin needs tens of thousands more homes, and only about half as many are built each year as are needed. The public sector is under-financed and our colleagues in the civil service …read more

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