“No deport!” Protest against deportations to Turkey in Vial prison

By refugee movement journey to greece


After the outbreak of 500 refugees of Vial detention center (1st of April 2016) around 1200 people remained in the hotspot on Chios island. Today we were able to speak with some of them though the fence. They complained about the conditions in the prison and the total lack of information about what is going on with them. Many of them tried to tell the police in the prison – who is responsible for the asylum procedures – that they have family members in EU states, but they were not listened to. “We are human beings. This is a prison. Why do they lock us here?” asked one.



During our conversations, police started separating people according to their nationalities and forced them into a bus. A spontaneous protest broke out. They demanded the stop of their deportations to Turkey, to be let free and speak with media representatives. Our group was removed by the cops and taken to Chios police station. After two hours we were let free. In the meantime, the bus with the deportees left in direction …read more

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Solidarity structures in Greece confronted with criminalization, control and diverse obstacles

By ronja


Since the dirty deal between the EU and Turkey was made on 18th of March the situation in Greece worsened rapidly. Safer formal ways through the Balkan-corridor were closed down already before by the European governments while more than 50,000 refugees are caught up inside Greece. More than 90% come from war torn countries such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and the majority are women and children. More than one month after the closure of the border to FYROM / Macedonia they are still under shock by the sudden changes unable even to consider alternatives such as relocation, family reunification or asylum. They cannot realize and accept that this is the new reality they have to confront, with everybody being stuck in limbo under inhuman conditions in refugee tent camps all over Greece.


From Monday, 4th of April, on the return agreement with Turkey will be implemented with more than 500 people being readmitted from the Hot Spots on the islands of the Aegean which have been turned into detention and deportation centres in practice. Only the ones applying for asylum or family reunification and unaccompanied minors will not be deported back to Turkey. Asylum …read more

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Roma Community Rise Up! – Break Deportation Culture

By palme43

Solidarity with Milisa's Family who were deported on 23.11.2015 from Erfurt. We demand for their Return and the right to stay for all

Solidarity with Milisa’s Family who were deported on 23.11.2015 from Erfurt. We demand for their Return and the right to stay for all

Roma Communities are most Isolated group of Refugees in lager in Germany. They are facing discrimination, isolation, criminalization and deportation daily by government and constitutions. The Roma Community Thüringen start it own activities since months for self empowerment and break isolation.

Deportation is criminal and We fight to stop it!

by THE VOICE Refugee Forum – Community Network

In the past weeks and months, many Rromany families have been deported to so-called safe countries of origin, to those Balkan states like Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Kosovo, Mazedonia, Montenegro countries where discrimination and threats of persecution make up the horrible everyday life of Rromanies. Further deportations have been announced and more countries are to be declared safe countries, including the deportation of refugees to Afganistan and other countries.

Those refusing to sign the cynical documents for voluntary repatriation of the German foreigners registration office (Ausländerbehörde) live in the perpetual fear of being deported without notice to countries where some of them even face death threats.

People are deported without notice and without public interest: Hundreds of thousands of people seeking refuge in Germany …read more

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Impression of the Situation in Greece Interview with Napuli Paul, activist from the refugee movement in Berlin and Germany

By refugee movement journey to greece

You have been for six or five days in Greece and you also went to tthe border in Idomeni what were your impressions there?
First of all it was good that we are here and to see the situation. And the situation was really hard. You can not take it, you know. first of all different things that we never, you know, given through the media that the people are sick, and that the people are not taking shower for month and that also creat sickness, lets say the situation is not good. The second day when we were there, there was a pregnant woman and the media was blocking to make picture. They dont care of saving her before, in that situation was not ok and then the children. You dont really focus on yourself, it needs time that we can come to the point what really should we do.
And now what do you think what needs to be done?
I think for me its good that we are there, because what i saw from the people and i also ask the people and they are like, you know what, it´s good that you are here and you share with us, …read more

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Prison outbreak on Chios island

By refugee movement journey to greece


Our group just arrived on Chios. 500 people managed to break out yesterday of Vial prison here. They are now occuping the port of the island and are sleeping rough. Many of them are with broken arms and injuries – they are left without any medical support. Some are also missing some of their relatives. They just disappeared days ago. Now they are planning a demonstration for 12 o’clock.
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Fotos: Ufuk Atasoy

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Greece: Refugees escape prison and occupy the port of Chios

By azadi


Written by Benjamin Julian on April 1, 2016 on https://refugeetrail.wordpress.com/2016/04/01/refugees-escape-prison-and…
From the protests yesterday.

Yesterday, refugees broke out of Vial to join protests outside. After more than a week of overcrowded imprisonment, insufficient food, bad facilities, degrading treatment and a humiliating lack of information and access to asylum processing, people felt awful.

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Ontwikkelingen rond Kamp Zeist: gezinsgevangenis binnenkort in gebruik, detentiecentrum mogelijk dicht

By No Border NetworkNo Border Network Recente ontwikkelingen rond Kamp Zeist bij Soesterberg vliegen verschillende kanten op. De permanente gezinsgevangenis voor vluchtelingen op Kamp Zeist zal volgens planning ergens eind april of begin mei in gebruik genomen worden. Het ‘reguliere’ detentiecentrum op dezelfde plek staat echter op de nominatie om volgend jaar gesloten te worden. De gezinsgevangenis zou dan wel blijven “sdadasdf” …read more

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