Voices from Idomeni, a talk with taysir

By freedomnotfrontex

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We have made this interview in our journey to greece arround one month ago. We talk with T. Who is living in Idomeni for 40 days. We are interested in the situation in there, resistance of the people behind the borderline and what do they expect from us.

Could you tell us how the situation here in Idomeni is?

So my feeling is that here in Idomeni we live in a zoo. We are here not human beings. Many people come here, take pictures, play with our children, and then go home and play with their own children. And we remain here, in these tents. I live now in a train wagon. We all here have only the hope that we can sleep under a roof.

How long have you been here?

So I’ve been for around 40 days here. For five years we haven’t had one good night. For five years. I have decided to do this trip, which is very dangerous, because there is no life in our country. I am from Aleppo. The whole town is now destroyed. Actually, I did not want to come to Germany, but I had to come to Europe because there is no security for …read more

From:: Berlin