No Stress Tour – New Program

By ankaleo

“The first No-Stress-Tour” – francais en bas, deutsc weiter unten
Summer is the time when lots of things are happening in Germany, also in and around Berlin.
People profit of the sun, they become more active and open up. This offers opportunities,
particular for refugees, to think of new strategies to build up a better communal life.
For this reason CISPM and Afrique Europe Interact, international networks for emancipation and
integration of refugees, are planning a project called „No Stress Tour“, which should take place this summer from July until October.
The aim of the project is to bring refugees and other inhabitants of the city closer to each other and to provide support with regard to the current complex asylum policy.
Despite the willingness of refugees, to open up to other residents and the willingness of other citizens to reach out to refugees, we noted that there are still barriers, based on anxious
„Refugees are rapist, suicide assassins or simply undesirables and Germans are historically
radical racists“ – this opinion, which is based on individual cases and is used for the electoral game
influences the public opinion, causing despotism on one side and stress among others .
As the „No Stress Tour“ is primarily organized and planned by persons which …read more

From:: Berlin