LGBTI Peace Initiative Istanbul transnational solidarity call – Tuesday 10th of May 14.30 pm in front of turkish embassy

By freedomnotfrontex

LGBTI Peace Initiative Istanbul

Kundgebung / Meeting / Eylem- Call of LGBTI Peace Initiative- Istanbul


We hereby invite you to join our solidarity action following the transnational “call for peace” from the LGBTI Peace Initiative from Istanbul.

The rally will take place next Tuesday, 10th of May, 2.30pm in front of the

Turkish Embassy
Tiergartenstr. 19-21
10785 Berlin

Please join us numerously and share this call and the fb-event with your lists and contacts.

You are very welcome to contribute to the organization of the rally. If you want to read out a statement or if you want to support us in another way, don’t hesitate to write to
See you on the streets.

Turkey is transforming into an AKP dictatorship. All gloves are off fighting those opposing the partys world view. For the first time the Gay Pride Parade was banned in 2015. The state attacked protestors with tear gas and rubber bullets. As the LGBTI community is under increasing pressure, the war that Turkish state has declared on the Kurdish population has intensified since Summer 2015. The politics of the AKP government with curfews and repressions are leading to death and injury, depriving thousands of persons of their homes. Activists, journalists and academics demanding peace or even …read more

From:: Berlin