Why We Fight To Stop Deportation By Occupation of Die Linke Party Office in Jena

By palme43

Wednesday, May 11th

Stop Deportation – Squatted Die Linke Party Office in Jena

We have just now occupied the headquarters of the left-wing Die Linke party in order to protest against the ongoing mass deportations of migrants from Thuringia!

Regularly, German police kidnap people from their homes or the detention centers where they are held, put them into busses, and bring them to Leipzig airport from where they are deported by plane. In every German city, there are such detention centers, in Jena, too. These crimes are committed in our close proximity, before our very eyes.

Today, we have occupied the headquarters of Die Linke party for two reasons. Firstly, the lefties under Ramelow have been managing the Thuringian state ever since 2014. Mass deportations of migrants, repression in prisons, police violence against antifascist protests take place under their government. Nazis demand that all migrants be expelled and Die Linke enforce it. They are politically accountable for this. Secondly, to this day, many Die Linke members claim that they’re part of an antiracist party and that they ‘advocate the rights of refugees’. They’ve got the nerve to take to the streets on April 20 with refugees welcome posters and, literally the next day, …read more

From:: Berlin