Nobody can contact these prisoners in detention camp, see how we throw them newspaper over fences

By freedomnotfrontex

7th may was #ShutThemDown, transnational day of action against detention centres. A lot of people have demonstrated in different cities for closing of detention centers. Right now people are detained in inhumane situation and their basic rights of moving freely and applying for asylum have been stolen from them. They are imprisoned and even does not have the right to receive our newspaper “Daily Resistance”.

One example is Paranesti camp in Greece. There are more than 100 people impriaoned there, with no court case and clear reason. The police have even got their phones from them and told them they will get it back if they leave greece.

So our comrade went there and had to throw the newspaper into the camp over two layer of fences:

#dailyresistance newspaper of @Oplatz delivered 2 detained #refugeesGr at #shutthemdown protest #paranesti #Greece

— Anek Faloz (@CitKrmer) May 7, 2016

And here is what the imprisoned people wrote the day after:

Hello everybody,
I am on behalf of other prisoner in pranesti Drama Camp express our deep appreciation to the people who came to pranesti Camp and start demonstration and describe their supporting to us …read more

From:: Berlin